Aug. 9, 2018 – 2018 may turn out to be the year of the podcast. It seems like everyone is starting – or wants to start – a podcast these days. According to Apple, there are more than 525,000 active podcasts on iTunes. In March, Apple podcasts passed the 50-billion mark for episode downloads. That’s a lot of podcast listening going on out there – which is why everyone from the CEO to your next door neighbor is interested in starting a podcast.


Earlier this week, Joe co-led

Lessons from Coach K
Public Speaking Lessons from Brett Kavanaugh

July 10, 2018 – When Brett Kavanaugh stepped to the mic Monday night after the president introduced him as his nominee to the Supreme Court, it was the first time many Americans heard him speak. For Kavanaugh, the televised speech was an opportunity not only to set the tone for his confirmation process but to introduce himself to the American public. Yes, there are those who disliked him from the start, but there are many who weren’t familiar with him and likely have no opinion of him.

Talking Red Hens
When your brand is wrongly associated with a crisis

On our latest episode of PR & Politics, we talked about the incident at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, where the owner of the restaurant asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her party to leave. As expected, social media wasted no time erupting with thoughts and opinions on the controversy. Those who were upset and offended by the owner asking someone to leave her restaurant because she works for President Trump, lashed out at